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The Influence Game: 50 Insider Tactics from the Washington, D.C., Lobbying World that Will Get You to Yes

Imagine a world where you are offered every job you seek; every business venture you undertake is successful; and every potential customer you approach buys your product. Now imagine that all of this can be achieved—ethically and honestly. All you need is the help of one battle-tested guide, The Influence Game. Former Washington, D.C. lobbyist Stephanie Vance dispenses everything she’s learned about effective (and, believe it or not, honest) persuasion. Learn how to apply this power to any situation by using D.C. insider influence strategies and applying a step-by-step, easy-to-understand process for success.

  • Learn how to develop and articulate effective goals
  • Structure both long and short-term persuasion efforts
  • Identify and research primary and secondary audiences
  • Crafting those all important personal stories

Stephanie Vance has seen the influence game from every angle. Follow her lead to get past being heard to the real goal of being agreed with.

Price: $24.95


Citizens in Action

In Citizens in Action, Stephanie Vance, the “Advocacy Guru,” takes the controversial position that it is possible to get heard on the Hill, that not all politicians are corrupt (OK, a few are), and that citizens can “get things done” from Washington, D.C. to their city council. Vance’s tips and advice are helpful whether you’re just getting started on an advocacy effort or have been trying to gain the attention of elected officials for years.

Price: $17.95


The Advocacy Handbook 2009: A Practitioner’s Guide to Achieving Policy Goals Through Organization Networks

Need to accomplish major policy goals on a smaller budget?

Have to reach officials leery of “special interests?”

Want to leverage Web 2.0 tactics – without risking legal and ethical nightmares?

With a landslide of policy initiatives churning through Washington, the states and local governments, you can’t be everywhere at once. Still, even one phrase in a bill can have a profound impact on your organization’s policy goals.

If you’re starting fresh with advocacy or trying to catch up with organizations that already have highly motivated networks in place, the handbook helps you plan and implement a comprehensive program. Or, simply zero in on specific aspects of your existing plan, like shoring up HLOGA compliance, creating multi-level networks, or
dealing with opponents.

Price: $329.00


Fertilize Your Grassroots: Identifying, Motivating, Activating and Institutionalizing Grassroots Advocacy


Introduction / Overview:

  • What are the “grassroots”?
  • Why are they important?
  • Interactive exercise in “thinking outside the box” about grassroots coalitions

Components of a Grassroots Organization

  • The Who (individual advocates, coalitions – your “partners”)
  • The Where (connecting advocates with decision makers)
  • The What (what’s the message?)
  • The How (organizational/institutional structures for working with grassroots partners)

Motivating and Activating the Grassroots

  • How and when are they most effective?
  • Eliminating barriers
  • Motivating grassroots members to take meaningful actions

Tools and techniques for activation: from the ridiculous to the sublime

Case Studies: Stories of success from the real world

Campaign Development Exercise: Participants will, through breakout groups, develop a grassroots campaign around an exciting “secret” issue (to be revealed at the workshop!)

Price: $30.00