Following are the most frequent questions we are asked – and, of course, their answers!

  1. What kinds of conferences does Stephanie speak at?
  2. What is her presentation style?  Will she be a good fit for our group?
  3. What kinds of presentations does Stephanie offer?
  4. We’re looking for a keynote speaker.  Does Stephanie do that?
  5. We’re looking for a workshop presenter / trainer.  Does Stephanie do that?
  6. What types of topics does Stephanie cover?
  7. What are the titles and descriptions of Stephanie’s “standard” sessions?


1. Stephanie’s presentations focus on inspiring, informing and preparing advocates to be both heard and agreed with by their government. You’ll get the results you’re looking for when hiring Stephanie to speak at:

  • D.C. or state capitol fly-ins, lobby or advocacy days
  • Leadership development events for grassroots, grasstops, or PAC donors
  • National, state or local conferences with an advocacy theme
  • National, state or local conferences with an advocacy theme

We also help national, state or local organizations eager to use online learning environment to give advocates the specific tools they need to be effective (see separate webinars page).

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2.  Stephanie always tells it like it is: with humor, flair and a “down=to-earth” attitude that is sure to win your audience over. Her most frequent compliment? “Hey, I wasn’t bored at all.” How many speakers on “effective advocacy” can say that? But don’t believe us: those who’ve seen her before (click here for a complete set of testimonials).

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3. Stephanie offers both workshops and keynotes. Her keynotes range from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Her workshops range from 45 minutes to up to 4 hours. The times are flexible based on your needs.

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4. Yes.

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5. Yes.

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6.  While everyone thinks of these topics differently, here are some basic concepts that Stephanie covers:

  • How to be an effective advocate
  • How to build long-term relationships with legislators and their staff
  • The differences between education, public relations, advocacy and lobbying
  • Why Washington, D.C. is so frustrating (and What to do about it)
  • How advocates can be engaged in electoral politics (during election years)
  • How to put together a winning site visit
  • How to attend a town hall meeting
  • How to use social media tools for effective advocacy
  • How to work with Congressional staff
  • How to develop and deliver effective messages
  • Follow-up and persistence ideas
  • How to “make the ask” (and why it’s important)
  • How to research your legislators before connecting with them (and why you should)
  • How to build effective coalitions
  • How to train other to be effective advocates…

…OK, there’s more, but you get the drift.

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7. Following are the titles of some of Stephanie’s most popular sessions. These have been offered as keynotes, break-outs and webinars, depending on the client’s needs. Click links to see the full description.If you like a session description, but not the title — or the title but not the description — or neither — no worries! We will always customize the title, description and content for your group. We can also pull elements from one presentation into another.

*The titles on our website are illustrative only. Please let us write a customized title for you if you’d like us to write one.

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