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Think your legislators aren’t listening? Stop spamming them! – With a click of a mouse, Americans can voice their concerns to elected officials about everything from the future of US troop deployments in Iraq to whether the word “God” should be displaced from the Pledge of Allegiance. But how effective are “point-and-click” form emails at actually influencing elected officials?

“Leave the Kitchen Sink at Home” Say Hill Staffers – On Capitol Hill, “KISS”ing (or “Keeping it Short and Sweet”) goes a long way in guaranteeing that a citizen advocate’s message is heard, according to the results of a new Congressional staff survey being released today from AdVanced Consulting.

Log on for Lobbying Lessons – Summer is still in full swing, but school is in session for passionate people wanting to take the leap into advocacy. The website, being launched today, transforms concerned citizens into effective advocates through an easy to use online course.